Artimis® meniscus prosthesis study

The Artimis® meniscus prosthesis is an investigational implant designed for patients who suffer from persistent knee pain at the medial side of the knee, which is caused by partial or sub-total meniscectomy.

Clinical study: AIR2 study

ATRO Medical is conducting their second clinical study (AIR2 study) to investigate whether the Artimis® meniscus prosthesis is safe and provides pain relief to the medial side of the knee where meniscal tissue had previously been removed.

This study is fully enrolled

The clinical study is initiated in October 2021 to enroll 10 patients at select medical centers in the Netherlands. The clinical study is approved by the Dutch government (Dutch Health and Youth Care Inspectorate) and Medical Research Ethics Committee.

CAUTION: Artimis® has not yet been approved by regulatory authorities for commercial sale and may only be used in a clinical study. Moreover, by contacting a participating hospital for an appointment you show your interest in participating in the AIR2 study. Other factors may exclude you from participation; only the orthopaedic surgeon who performs the examination will determine your final suitability.

The AIR2 study is registered in a clinical study database at Dutch TrialRegister under number NL9805.

The Artimis® meniscus prosthesis is an anatomically shaped, non-biodegradable polymer implant designed to mimic the function of the natural medial meniscus by functioning as a shock absorber within the knee joint. The Artimis® meniscus prosthesis is implanted by an arthroscopic procedure with a specific surgical instrument set to determine correct meniscus prosthesis size and facilitate proper placement of the meniscus prosthesis.

This procedure is intended for people between 18-70 years of age with persistent knee pain in the medial compartment, who underwent a meniscectomy more than 6 months ago. In addition, patients have limited cartilage damage (less than grade IV modified Outerbridge scale) and a nearly straight leg axis. For a complete set of inclusion/exclusion criteria clinical study (AIR study), see the study at the Dutch TrialRegister under number NL9805 The trial is also registered at under number NCT05297175

The Artimis® meniscus prosthesis

Developed specifically for patients suffering from persistent knee pain after a meniscectomy

Get to know our meniscus prosthesis and its unique design: a groundbreaking innovation that patients have been looking forward to for years. The Artimis® is made of a non-biodegradable plastic, which is safe to use in the body. In the near future we will be able to place a new shock absorber in your knee.

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