Are you currently dealing with knee discomfort following a meniscectomy and wondering if a meniscus prosthesis could be the solution you've been seeking? Explore further details on this page to find out.

The Need for Artimis® Meniscus Prosthesis

A future without knee pain. That’s ATRO Medical’s goal with the artificial meniscus. A small procedure with big positive consequences. The patient representative of the Dutch Arthritis Foundation was and still is involved with this innovation and its recognition of the need that patients have with meniscus problems.

Patients that have had surgery on their meniscus, run the risk of chronic knee pain. In many patients, a part of the meniscus have been removed after a knee trauma. Or it was even completely removed, which means that the shock absorber in the knee is absent.

This can result in the deterioration of cartilage in the knee. Which can cause for serve pain. About 15-20% of the patients who lost part of their meniscus tissue have pain in their knee[1]. Patients over 35 years-old and to whom have their meniscus edge removed, are at greater risk to developing pain.

Nowadays, there are only few effective treatments other than replacing the knee joint with a knee prosthesis. This intensive procedure could be too extreme for some people, due to them being still relatively young or/and active.

For this group there is only one alternative path they could take: a donor meniscus, otherwise known as a meniscus allograft transplantation. However, the availability of these menisci is restricted. An artificial meniscus would solve this availability issue. the new meniscus would be available on the hospital shelf. And that is what ATRO Medical is working on for years now.

With placing the artificial meniscus, the shock absorbing mechanism of the meniscus can be restored. How this exactly works, you can read at the section on Artimis®.

Currently there is a study going on in the Netherlands to see how much pain relief the Artimis® can bring. This is taking place at medical centers of St. Maartenskliniek, MC Haaglanden en Maastricht UMC+. And the renowned Radboud University Medical Center assists on the biomechanical research of the meniscus prothesis. Learn more on our Research section and subscribe to our newsletter to keep informed.

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