About us

ATRO Medical’s team constantly commits itself to lessen chronic joint pain. It’s our mission to improve the quality of life of knee patients. Our artificial meniscus is designed to contributed to normal daily life without knee pain.

Mission & Vision

What we value as ATRO Medical

ATRO Medical is founded with the objective to make a change through cooperation & perseverance. Our innovations contribute to preservation of the knee joint. These new treatment options need to be accessible for both surgeons and patients. Therefore, we’re ahead in contact with insurances before the product is available on the shelf.

Our solutions are:

  • Safety: based on elaborate studies and research.
  • Simplicity: the operations follow surgical intuition. 
  • Durability: the artificial meniscus offers a solution for a minimum of 5 years. 
  • Effectiveness: Lessening of pain and improvement of mobility as main objective.
  • Economical: We’re currently working on a compensation through insurances.

Our values

ATRO Medical has a very open character. All employees contribute on their own way to the organizations’ success. Together we have built our most essential values, which are:

Reliability - We’re an organization on which you can build on. We work with integrity, deliver quality and are transparent about our results. 

Innovation - We’re innovative and find ourselves on undiscovered territory. This often offers new insights during unexpected situations which requires a lot of flexibility. 

Collaboration - We’re open to all input that contributes to the success of our meniscus. We’re professional, multidisciplinary and believe in diversity as innovational strength.

The team of ATRO Medical

Meet the people behind Artimis®

Tony van Tienen

Founder & CEO/CMO Management team

Creator of the artificial meniscus and our orthopedic knee specialist. 

Maarten van der Zanden

CIO Management team

Our Chief Implementations Officer, He navigates the route to patients and financial resources.

Anita Brinks

COO Management team

Our Chief Operations Officer, she keeps track on our projects and manages all our operational businesses.

Branco van Minnen

QA Manager & Biomechanical Engineer

He operates our quality management system and oversees or product developments. 

José Lugies

Clinical Field Director

As Clinical Field Director, she is a reliable link towards the clinics as well as the social link in our innovative machine.

Albert van der Veen

Senior Scientist

Our Senior Scientist, he isn’t afraid to take up a technical challenge and solve the problems related to it

Thijmen Struik

Biomedical Engineer & Clinical Development Director

Our Biomechanical Engineer and mastermind in the field of clinical research. He manages that our pre-clinical work and clinical proof strengthen each other.

Fatima Lamsettef

Communication Specialist

As communication specialist she brings new marketing & communication insights for our product.

Our achievements

Discover all the achievements.

Our partners

We work together with partners from various fields

ATRO Medical B.V.

We are an innovative medical device company that was was founded in 2016. The lead product is the Artimis® meniscus prosthesis.

Contact details

Novio Tech Campus
Transistorweg 5, 6534 AT Nijmegen (Headquarters)
Liessentstraat 9a, 5405 AH Uden (Registered office)


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