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Advancing Knee Health: The Artimis® Meniscus Prosthesis

An artificial meniscus that lasts for a minimum of 5 years. That is ATRO Medical’s mission. An innovation that fills the post-meniscectomy treatment gap.

Which may sound futuristic. But the artificial meniscus is already in clinical research. ATRO Medical is open to feedback from the international knee orthopedics community. Collectively, we can bring this project into the implementation stage. Together, we can help the patients suffering from continuous complaints after a meniscectomy.

The clinical procedure of Artimis® Meniscus Prothesis has similarities with the procedure of the meniscus root repair. Based on experience, the procedure is expected to have a duration of about 45 minutes for an experienced user. Thanks to the arthroscopic approach, the chances on tissue damage or infection are minimal. The treatment goal is to vastly exceed from ‘’minimal clinically important difference’’ on the KOOS pain scaling.

The safety and effectiveness of the meniscus prosthesis is currently being investigated in the Netherlands. This is done in medical centers; The Sint Maartenskliniek, MC Haaglanden and Maastricht UMC+. With additional expertise on indications, procedures, and compensations from international experts in Europe, Japan and the US.

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Key publications

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We are an innovative medical device company that was was founded in 2016. The lead product is the Artimis® meniscus prosthesis.

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