The new solution to your knee problems

Are you suffering from knee pain after a meniscectomy? ATRO Medical’s artificial meniscus Artimis® replaces your meniscus. This means you will return to your daily activities, with heavy sports excluded, while reducing chronic pains: a flexible yet strong solution to your knee problems. We are currently in the research phase and are testing the effectiveness of our prosthesis in three hospitals in the Netherlands.

For patients

Research on a new artificial meniscus

Three Dutch hospitals are investigating on our artificial meniscus. We are always looking for new patients willing to experience our innovation.

Share your knowledge as a knee specialist

Help design our next study

We welcome input from clinicians. Help us perfect our artificial meniscus by giving advice and navigating our research efforts.

The Artimis® meniscus prosthesis

Developed specifically for patients suffering from persistent knee pain after a meniscectomy

Get to know our meniscus prosthesis and its unique design: a groundbreaking innovation that patients have been looking forward to for years. The Artimis® is made of a non-biodegradable plastic, which is safe to use in the body. In the near future we will be able to place a new shock absorber in your knee.

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61st NOF Congress & NOV Annual Congress

June 12th, 2024

Meet us at the combined 61st NOF Congress & NOV Annual Congress in Rotterdam.

Clinical research

Research on the new artificial meniscus

A study on the effectiveness of our prosthesis is currently underway. Three hospitals are conducting it:

  • St. Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen
  • Haaglanden MC in The Hague
  • MUMC+ in Maastricht
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ATRO Medical

A solution for post meniscectomy pain

ATRO Medical was founded by Tony van Tienen in 2016. When Van Tienen was working as an orthopedic knee surgeon, he encountered many patients who were suffering severe knee pain after a meniscus removal but were too young for a knee replacement. And their knee cartilage was actually too good to be replaced by metal and plastic. There was no fitting solution available, and as a result, these people experienced long episodes of pain.

ATRO Medical started as a spin-off from Radboudumc and DSM. After many years of academic research, these two parties decided assist van Tienen in launching a company to let the dream of an artificial meniscus come true.

International input & partners

ATRO Medical is a team of specialists that work hard towards a common goal: realizing a lasting,  innovative, and unique solution for patients with chronic knee pains. This requires knowledge, patience, and perseverance. With step-by-step improvements, we move closer to that goal.

Our efforts have been noticed internationally. ATRO Medical has received an important acknowledgment by the American government’s FDA, the ‘breakthrough device designation' In addition, the European Innovation Council (EIC) has rewarded ATRO Medical with a sizeable grant, and The Dutch Arthritis Society has become an official partner. 

Thanks to the open innovation approach that ATRO Medical uses, many surgeons across the globe have given their input, from the Netherlands to the United States and from Germany to Japan. Big players in the global orthopedic market have shown an interest in our innovation and regularly share their knowledge. Take market leader Johnson & Johnson, who helped ATRO Medical become part of JLABS, its innovation accelerator. 

Join forces?
ATRO Medical is always looking for partnerships. Are you a doctor, physiotherapist, radiologist, or insurer? Do you work for an orthopedic company or want to join forces another way? Please feel welcome to contact us.

Knowledge base and news

Read all about the latest scientific developments.

Introduction to ATRO Medical


Introduction to ATRO Medical

Dutch meniscus prosthesis receives FDA Breakthrough Device Designation


Dutch medical innovations are rarely granted the Breakthrough Designation by the FDA. Startup ATRO Medical from Nijmegen is the new kid on the block in orthopedics. This week their Trammpolin® meniscus prosthesis (nowadays known as Artimis®), designed to treat chronic knee pain, received the Breakthrough Device Designation from the FDA. The designation demonstrates the innovation potential of this implant and expedites US market access by receiving a priority treatment at the FDA.

EUROSTARS grants funding for first lateral meniscus prosthesis


An international consortium led by the Dutch med-tech startup ATRO Medical receives over € 800,000 EUROSTARS funding to address an unmet need for Knee Osteoarthritis patients. These patients often suffer from cartilage degradation related to a dysfunctional meniscus. Based on previous research, the consortium will develop a durable meniscus prosthesis for the outer knee compartment to relief pain and restore mobility. This would change the life of thousands of osteoarthritis patients.

ATRO Medical Named Awardee in the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Veterans Lead QuickFire Challenge


Yess!! ATRO Medical has been named an Awardee in the Veterans Lead QuickFire Challenge organized by Johnson & Johnson Innovation!

ATRO Medical B.V.

We are an innovative medical device company that was was founded in 2016. The lead product is the Artimis® meniscus prosthesis.

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Novio Tech Campus
Transistorweg 5, 6534 AT Nijmegen (Headquarters)
Liessentstraat 9a, 5405 AH Uden (Registered office)


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