The solution for chronic knee pain

Patients suffering from persistent pain after a meniscectomy are usually too young for a total knee prosthesis. And their knee cartilage still looks pretty good. The result? Long-lasting pain, without the prospect of a surgical solution. This often means patients sleep poorly and can’t work anymore. With Artimis®, we’re working on a solution.

How does Artimis® work?

Many people suffering from a rupture in their meniscus have it partly or entirely removed. In the short term, this often eliminates the pain. In the long term, however, this may damage the joints. Is your meniscus no longer functioning? Then the shocks to your knee joints are no longer absorbed if you run or jump.   

The cartilage in your knee will deter, increasing the risk of knee osteoarthritis and chronic pains. This might lead to a total knee replacement in the future: an invasive procedure.

An effective and less invasive solution
With Artimis®, we’re working on an effective and less invasive solution. It takes over the shock-absorbing function of the meniscus. The prosthesis also ensures an even load distribution on the knee joint. The result? Relief of chronic knee pains. This means better sleeping, back to normal walking, and working without pain.

Our research on the medial meniscus, located on the inside of the knee, is currently in the most advanced stage of development.

Flexible and rock-solid
Our prosthesis is made of polycarbonate urethane (PCU), a material that has been used in the medical world for some time. The material is non-biodegradable, meaning it’s safe enough that it could be used for heart implants. By combining two types of PCU into one meniscus, ATRO Medical has created a flexible and rock-solid solution.

Recognizable methods of implantation
The Artimis® Meniscus Prosthesis is implanted by keyhole surgery. Firstly, any leftovers of the meniscus are removed. Next, two tunnels in the lower leg are made that end up in the knee joint, one in the front and one in the back. This is where the original meniscus was attached.

The artificial meniscus is then secured with fixation tape, using two screws in the lower leg. A recognizable and relatively simple surgical technic for orthopedic surgeons. This means the operation takes only about 45 minutes.

Clinical research

Research on the new artificial meniscus

A study on the effectiveness of our prosthesis is currently underway. Three hospitals are conducting it:

  • St. Maartenskliniek in Nijmegen
  • Haaglanden MC in The Hague
  • MUMC+ in Maastricht
Read more about the research

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